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This AirShield™ has 5 layers, a valve and an activated carbon filter as an extra caution to prevent you and to keep you protected!

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We offer you a super soft and very breathable AirShield™ with highly efficient filtering. Featuring the utmost innovative filter technology: 5 layers protective filters with activated carbon and PM 2.5, this AirShield™ is designed to protect you. AirShield™ is carefully crafted of finest cotton fibres and dey-free materials, to fit precisely to your mouth and nose and to ensure your health protection all day long.

  1. Anti-Stick Cloth
  2. Activated carbon
  3. High efficiency
  4. Filter cloth
  5. Anti-Stick Cloth

Benefits Of AirShield™

Replaceable Filter

PM2.5 & all air contaminants down to 0.1 microns

Adjustable Earloops

All-day long wear

Breathing Valve

Breathe easily, reduces heat & moisture

Activated Carbon

Blocks 99.97% of air pathogens


Nose Fit

Comfortable fit & no drop


Ideal for men & women

5 Layers

Extra self-protection


High quality cotton & no dyes

How To Keep It Clean?

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    Replace the plug-in filter once in 5-7 days

  • overview-image2

    Hand-wash the other part gently with care in water and water detergent

  • overview-image3

    Dry it in airy space

Replace the filter and wash the other part once in every 2-3 days.


Easy Breathing Thanks to the Valve

A multifunctional and easy to wear, today the AirShield™ can be an accesory even against cold weather, for winter sports, when you travel, when going to the mountain or just to protect yourself in the big city or for work. For your safety it is equipped with a PM2.5 filter to ensure maximum protection against smallest particles.



AirShield™ protects your mouth and face from dust, wind, cold, fog and haze, vehicle exhaust, etc. Тhanks to the activated carbon and to the PM2.5 filter, it effectively blocks 99.97% of polluted air, blocks pollen and air contaminants down to 0.1 microns, keeps your face dry and comfortable and does not affect speech comprehension.

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Questions & Answers

  • What Does AirShield™ Prevent Me From?

    Against polluted air, dust, wind, cold, fog, haze, odour, pollens, vehicle exhaust.
  • What is the size of AirShield™ ?

    Adjustable size: 23 x 14 cm
  • For Whom Is the AirShield™ Suitable?

    Men & Women, not for children under 2.
  • Is the AirShield™ reusable?

    Yes, it is reusable, washable & with a replaceable filter.
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1x PM 2.5 filter Included

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